Wood Chip and Wood Rounds Services in Lincoln, CA and Surrounding Communities

The Urban Arborist is a fully licensed, bonded, and insured tree service in operation since 1989. We offer wood rounds and wood chip delivery services in Lincoln, California, and the surrounding communities. We offer free delivery of wood rounds and chips if you are located within our service area. If you would like to receive wood rounds or wood chips at no cost, please read through our FAQs below then fill out the request form at the bottom of the page.


What quantity will you deliver?

To conserve fuel, wood chips and rounds are offloaded only when a truck has reached "capacity," approximately 12 cubic yards. We don't offer delivery of partial loads or smaller quantities.

Can you dump the wood rounds and chips anywhere?

No, due to the size of the trucks we are only able to dump on flat concrete/firm ground. The dump location must be flat or the technology on the truck bed will not let us unload. Each truck weighs 27,000 lbs so the ground must be firm or it will get stuck.

What type of wood will it be?

A load often consists of a combination of woods, most commonly redwood, eucalyptus, maple, plum, cedar, oak, and others. We don't offer delivery of specific woods.

Are the wood chips filtered?

No. The wood chips are straight out of a wood chipper from the job. They are not the same quality as purchased wood chips. They will likely contain leaves and small twigs/branches from the final clean-up of the job site that are too small to safely be processed by the wood chippers.

Do you have firewood?

No. The wood rounds that we offer are freshly cut straight off the job site. They will be in rounds of various sizes that you will need to season and cut into firewood yourself.

Can I come and pick it up?

We do allow pickup of wood rounds only. If you select that option on the request form below, you will be added to that list. In order to come to pick up, you will need to have a dump trailer or flatbed truck. It will always be first come first serve and you load yourself. You will be contacted on the day of pick up.

Can I pre-schedule a specific date and time for my wood delivery?

Unfortunately, no. Because it's difficult to accurately predict where a truck will be located when it reaches "capacity," we cannot schedule wood chip deliveries in advance.

How do I put my name on the list for free wood chips delivery?

Contact us using the contact form below. Once we have your request, your name will be added to the waiting list. We ask that you please do not call our office to request wood chips.


Wood Chips and Rounds Disclaimer

By responding to this ad for wood chips or rounds, you are accepting a full load of wood chips or rounds (no half-loads). Due to the heavy volume of requests, you will not receive a response from us until the day of delivery. Chips and Rounds are dispersed by location of need and requests are saved and logged for several months. It is your responsibility to cancel your request if you decide that you would not like a delivery. Do not request wood chips if you do not want them. Once delivered, they will not be picked up for any reason. We will only deliver to places with flat concrete/firm ground leading up to the dump location in addition to having a place big enough for the truck to turn around.

To request free wood chips and free wood rounds in Lincoln or the neighboring communities, please use our contact form to contact us. We ask that you please do not call our office to request wood chips.

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