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Tree Trimming


Schedule your tree trimming service in Lincoln, Granite Bay & Newcastle, CA now!

The Urban Arborist in Lincoln, Granite Bay & Newcastle, CA is the tree service company to contact for dependable and prompt tree trimming. The best way to keep your trees healthy is with regular tree pruning and trimming. Our regular tree trimming service will keep your trees healthy and strong. When a tree doesn’t get proper tree trimming it gets weighed down with old material. This old material serves as a breeding ground for infestation. The tree can also become a fire hazard without the right wind filtration.

Tree Trimming

Whether you want to get your trees trimmed to keep them healthy or because they pose a safety risk, call us today. Our tree service professionals will come to your home or business and trim weak and dead branches.

Tree Trimming

Benefits Of Tree Trimming:

Professional Tree Trimming

The Urban Arborist can keep your trees trimmed to enhance the value of your property and appearance. Don’t put off tree trimming! Keep your trees trimmed to keep your property and family safe and to avoid costly property damage.
Tree Trimming
Our tree trimming experts will trim your trees quickly, with professional attention to detail. Your trees will be stronger and healthier and you will be pleased with the results. Call The Urban Arborist today at 916-244-3528 and schedule your services today!

Different Ways We Can Trim Your Trees

Choose us for expert tree trimming services in Lincoln, Granite Bay & Newcastle, CA

It only takes a few weeks for your tidy trees to start looking disheveled. Keep your landscape professionally manicured with tree trimming services from The Urban Arborist in Lincoln, Granite Bay & Newcastle, CA.
Tree Trimming

Regular tree trimming services prevent your trees from growing too close to utility lines, blocking light to solar panels and becoming ingrown. It also improves air circulation within the tree and encourages new growth.

We trim trees in a variety of different ways:

  • By using one of our multiple bucket trucks
  • By crane
  • By climbing the trees

When to schedule tree pruning services

When is the ideal time to cut back your trees? There’s no single right or wrong time to work with a tree care specialist in the Lincoln, Granite Bay & Newcastle, CA area. Plan your tree pruning services when…

Winter’s on the way: For many trees, the best time to prune is during their dormant season.
Disease strikes: Stop the spread of disease by trimming back unhealthy branches.
Your trees are overgrown: If your tree looks unkempt, call The Urban Arborist to get it back in shape.

Learn more about the best time to arrange for tree pruning services by contacting our Lincoln, Granite Bay & Newcastle, CA office today.

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